Description of the painting by Mikhail Vrubel “Lilac”

Description of the painting by Mikhail Vrubel Lilac

The artist’s love for nature makes it possible to convey through his hands the unique beauty of a lilac inflorescence. Lush and dense clusters on a lilac bush, blooming in full force, combine the play of purple lights and snow-white shades. They are filled with the warmth of light, life lives in them and it seems that by taking a deep breath you can feel their fragrance. Elements of thickets of flowers and grasses, using fine and exquisite details, are very beautifully and quite prosaically conveyed. The artist emphasizes the importance of nature for humans – depicting lilac on most of the canvas.

Lilac bushes densely filled the space of the picture, giving the impression of prostration far beyond the picture. The lilac depicted is very lively, as if it “breathes”, then arising from the total mass of greenery, then condensing in the elements of the inflorescence. The main feature of the picture is a female silhouette, bearing the creation or birth of something human. The shapes can distinguish the silhouette of a young girl, but there are no clear lines between the background and the figure. The image is rather unclear, very simple, her figure is hidden by the artist behind the loose long thick dark hair.

Perhaps this time the image was specially selected twilight time, approaching the night, in order to preserve the mystery of the girl image. A girl with a fragile figure, like a fairy who is hiding from a man’s eyes in a lilac color, or maybe she is the soul of this lilac. The clothes on it look like a dark spot, it is not detailed, in the form of a loose overalls. Her image appears to be from the kingdom of nature.

Looking at the picture, you can enjoy and admire the beauty of nature, feel the depths of the sacrament of spirits. Looking at the beauty of the lilac and the image of a girl, you understand how everything is interconnected here, and it becomes very sad that beauty is not eternal.

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