Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “Autumn Landscape”

Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin Autumn Landscape

Pictures Shishkin really impressive. The nature of our country lives on it with its unique life. She is gorgeous and vibrant. It is difficult to imagine more intimate and attractive pictures. The artist created each canvas with love.

Before us is an autumn park. There is an overwhelming desire to consider it in the smallest detail. Here are the gentle leaves that are rocking on the still surface of a forest stream. A bit far out of the water made a bizarre snag. It unusually reflects the characteristic crimson color of autumn. Shishkin skillfully creates the most peaceful and secluded picture.

The sun casts light and gives us warmth. But, on the other hand, the dark forest carries a mystery. Birch leaned a little towards the river, as if she wanted to look at her reflection.

After that, we look at the trees going up somewhere and the bottomless sky. It is ingenious and simple at the same time. We simply cannot tear ourselves away from such magnificence, and an irresistible desire arises to admire this beauty for as long as possible.

Shishkin could depict all the richness of colors that nature gives autumn. Foliage of different colors striking bright colors. It is this riot of colors that can give nature a romantic and yet mysterious mood.

The beauty of nature penetrates our soul. Some trees please the eye with colorful leaves. Others are already completely naked. One tree fell. It is likely that a hurricane raged here on the eve. Today he was replaced by calm and silence.

Shishkin managed to convey the magnificence of this season with the help of skillfully selected colors. Very soon, nature will fall asleep. But now she wants to make sure that autumn is remembered by us for its beauty. The picture creates a very bright mood, which does not even spoil the dark water.

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