Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “Walk through the forest”

Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin Walk through the forest

Cloth more than colorful. It just oozes from the sunny summer warmth. And most importantly, it somehow pacifies something… This path in the forest and the family that went for a walk. Guessing or maybe the way it is, that the family went for a walk with the whole staff. Here the husband and wife are ahead and discuss something with each other. Something seems very personal, therefore, aside from others.

Farther from them we see another couple with children – this is most likely a grandfather and grandmother. And in front of the whole company, as it should be – the faithful dog who guards the road. That’s actually the whole story! But Shishkin did not just describe this plot… We must not forget that the artist is a master of the landscape direction and, therefore, he always paid special attention to the landscape. And here he has a forest with stone hills and birches around. And one tree is even


But the main thing that immediately draws attention is the stones. They are everywhere on the canvas… And also notice the skill with which the “light-shadow” is transmitted! It is so accurate that you won’t understand what time of the year it is: early autumn or spring, or rainy summer.

On the canvas is a quiet family idyll and forest, which has always inspired tranquility and understanding of eternity. Not only the author was able to convey the sensations of windy weather, the game with the shadow added a lot of advantages to this canvas. And most importantly, there is no sensation of pictures, but it seems that this is a photograph. And if we take into account that the artist painted all this from memory, not forcing nature to stand in certain poses, then this is completely admirable.

After all, everything seems simple: to depict a forest and add human figures there. But this must be done in such a way as not to spoil the impression of work. Not everyone and not always succeeded… Shishkin did not only succeed, but once again proved his ability to depict magnificent views of nature, not forgetting about people.

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Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “Walk through the forest”