Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “Rye”

Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin Rye

Golden rye is gilded along the roadway that goes somewhere beyond the horizon, and its full ear sticks to the ground. It seems to creep under the wheels of a passing vehicle, asking that it is time to remove it. The endless field of rye, tall trees, a huge blue sky, quiet weather, insects flying past.

A little hot, but not enough to spoil the impression of the surrounding beauty. The picture as if invites to plunge into these boundless expanses of fields and soft grain.

The road track is accompanied by soft, silky grass, inviting to lie down and relax in the midst of the baking sun. Mighty pines reappear in the picture as a sign of the greatness of the motherland.

The artist quite successfully combined the uncombined things together: a rye field intersected by a groove, a bright green grass sprouting among the trampled earth, tall pine trees, which, in principle, on this peaceful summer landscape only create the impression of incompleteness. It’s so eager to understand: where do they strive all the time and how did they magically get here?

This picture is known to many even not quite as the work of Shishkin, but as an ordinary picture depicted on calendars, magazine covers. And it is not strange at all why such works are valued more in this style. After all, they carry the strength and majesty of the Russian land, the generosity and wealth of the motherland, the charm and pomp of the fruitful fields, because all these charms create human hands, true patriots and laborers.

Shishkin presented us with a landscape, as an underscore of what we see on a daily basis, but not paying attention. What Mother Nature gave us, but we are not able to save it all. It shows us the naturalness of the world around us, to protect us from ourselves, from our destructive impact.

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