Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “Landscape”

Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin Landscape

Picture painted in 1861

Shishkin was a true master of landscape, who was able to find something special in all the familiar pictures.

We see the shore of a quiet lake. In the foreground a hut of darkened wood. She, as if grown into the ground, and merged with nature. Green trees and grass spelled out to the smallest details. The artist uses a huge number of shades, allowing to convey the special beauty of the summer day. Two walk along the path to the lake. The spectator can only guess from the silhouettes that they are women.

On the other side you can see the roofs of a village. For them, Shishkin chose the most natural brown tones.

The sky is partially covered with clouds, but it does not create a gloomy impression. The sun inside illuminates all the clouds, giving them a soft pink hue. Although the day is not clear, the oppressive impression is not created. A very bright feeling is born in our soul. We feel our closeness to nature and learn to see beauty in the inconspicuous.

Shishkin depicted an absolutely familiar picture, which he saw every day. It would seem that in her special. But in this daily life the artist managed to see the special charm of nature, which becomes one with the person. It is important to understand it and feel the incredible harmony.

The painter from early childhood communicated with nature and sought to capture it as accurately as possible. His striking landscapes amazed contemporaries and continue to amaze everyone so far. He is a true master who prescribed every detail as clearly and vividly as possible. Everything is important to him. The beauty of nature in its integrity.

In the landscape Shishkin all significant. Every detail sounds new, and warm colors create a great impression. We so want to be there: on the shore of the majestic quiet lake and take a deep breath of clean air.

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