Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “Park in Pavlovsk”

Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin Park in Pavlovsk

Shishkin managed to portray the true splendor of Russian nature. The viewer sees a quiet time of beautiful autumn. Some of the trees are already painted with all sorts of colors. Those leaves that have already managed to fall, began a fascinating path along the stream. But not all the trees had time to turn yellow.

In some places we can see green leaves. In the distance stands a tree, strongly reminiscent of cedar. Some of the trees squinted, and one even fell. Most likely, not so long ago there was a hurricane here. Shishkin allows us to penetrate the hidden secrets of virgin nature. We see a corner where, as it seems, the human leg has not stepped at all. Not a living soul penetrated this quiet place. Only the artist managed to see this beauty. We look at such a wonderful picture and understand how insignificant all the questions that constantly concern us are. If we compare them with the harmony of nature, they seem insignificant.

Shishkin loved this place. It is located just three kilometers from the famous city of Pushkin. This is the true pinnacle of gardening. The artist loved this place very much. That is why he decided to capture one of his most virgin corners. Today we are all in a hurry somewhere and rarely manage to admire the beauty of nature. Shishkin managed to notice true magnificence in the usual, seemingly inconspicuous picture. Thanks to him, we understand how beautiful nature is. Impressive riot of colors. Shishkin skillfully uses the entire palette, creating a truly three-dimensional picture.

It seems another moment, and we will hear the rustle of leaves and feel the breath of the breeze. The whole picture is filled with air. She creates a truly happy mood. The viewer begins to unwittingly be proud that there are such inconspicuous and at the same time magnificent places in Russia. Only here you can feel your unity with nature.

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Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “Park in Pavlovsk”