Description of the painting by Isaac Brodsky “Fallen leaves”

Description of the painting by Isaac Brodsky Fallen leaves

Brodsky Isaac Izrailevich – an artist who lived and worked in Soviet times. He wrote many paintings, but the most famous autumn landscapes of Brodsky. He, like no one else, was able to convey the discreet beauty, modest charm and refinement of this time of year.

“Fallen leaves” – one of these pictures. It depicts a clear, sunny day, which occurs only in early autumn. Nature still keeps echoes of summer, the last green leaves are seen on the trees as a farewell greeting of a hot summer. But autumn has already entered its rights. There is a riot of autumnal hues everywhere: crimson, golden, brown-yellow.

These shades are synchronously repeated in the color design of the walls of the house, in the red tones of furniture and porch railing. These colors add brightness and expressiveness to the autumn landscape. In the interlacings of the branches one can see a pale gray sky, which very soon lead clouds will be tightened. But while it is clean, light and serene.

In the foreground of the picture is the interior of one of the rooms of a country house. Most likely, this is a veranda. The viewer looks at what is happening as if from the depths of the house. The door to the street is wide open. It seems that people came out only for a minute and is about to return back to their business, to the daily dacha life and summer entertainment.

But no, the withering of nature is inevitable; it cannot be stopped. Here and the plank floor is already littered with fallen leaves, brought inside the house a sharp gust of autumn wind. It is clear that this house will not be filled with votes before the summer season. These chairs and will stand in anticipation of their owners.

The picture of Brodsky, despite the autumn plot, does not leave behind the impression of nature withering and dying. Rather, “Fallen leaves” are pierced with sunlight and autumn coolness and freshness, covered with a light frost.

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