Description of the painting by Zinaida Serebryakova “Autumn”

Description of the painting by Zinaida Serebryakova Autumn

The most beautiful time on earth is autumn. The most fruitful, but at the same time the most sad and sad. It’s all from the fact that it is constantly raining from the sky, and on the ground – the dirt, the very thing that impassable dirt and huge puddles, which reflect the rainy sky. But in nature, everything is beautiful.

There are some days in the autumn when it seems to be still warm, and everything around is covered with gold – the foliage turned yellow, the sunflowers turned yellow, the grass withered and the grass turned yellow, the fields also in yellow – this is the autumn harvest of wheat that needs to be removed before the first frost. And if the yellow hay roofs of the huts are added to everything yellow, then you turn out to be completely like a golden country.

On Serebryakova’s canvas, just all of this is there – all is yellow, all is autumn, all is beautiful. In the fall, in Ukraine, the real weather is really the most beautiful thing. Warm, but overcast, if it rains for a while. This is all preparation for winter. But for those who live in villages and villages, autumn is the shortest time to prepare for winter too.

Harvest, prepare hay, prepare for planting next spring, look after the cattle and prepare more hay for it, then sit in a warm stove in winter and remember the summer or just wait for spring. Just the artist is such a mood of the picture – sadly lyrical. And of course, one can see an indestructible love for native lands, for native places and for where childhood was once held. And how can one not believe such words that homeland is a big house for every person? And wherever there is a person, he always strives to be in his homeland, to talk with his relatives, to bow to his ancestors at the cemetery and help the living around the household.

And autumn is a time of creativity. After all, it was in the fall that Pushkin composed his most vivid poems, and Gogol wrote his “Evenings…” precisely in the fall.

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