Description of the painting by Isaac Ilyich Levitan “Yard”

Description of the painting by Isaac Ilyich Levitan Yard


Another wonderful landscape, painted in oil on canvas, from a famous artist. The plot is quite simple – a rural landscape depicting the courtyard of one of the many village houses. But how simple it is, just as sweet and touching. It’s amazing how accurately Levitan manages to convey his emotions through his works. Through this picture, all the author’s love for the nature of Russia, for village life, for the pure and fragrant air of country life is clearly felt.

The picture turned out very solid, capacious and rich in content. It is difficult to divide it into fore, middle and background. However, the bright emphasis was placed by the author on the trampled down ground in the yard, forming a kind of path for passage. In this case, it is shown blurred, sometimes overgrown with grass and quite dirty. Probably, this was done in order to indicate the naturalness, naturalness of the depicted yard.

Also the sight is riveted by a log of firewood at the fence with two large planks neatly tied to the woodsmith. A little further, closer to the background of the picture, you can view the neighboring houses behind the fence. And in the distance behind the fence a river is guessed, which converges on the horizon with a forest belt on the opposite bank.

Very enliven the picture of trees and shrubs growing in the yard and behind the fence. They are written as if swaying in the breeze. It is as if you can hear the noise of leaves and you can see how thin trunks swing. The author covered with grass almost all the inner space of the courtyard, with the exception of the path already described.

The color scheme of the picture includes a combination of different shades of green, yellow, brown and gray. In some places, the gray sections of the road turn completely black, but this does not spoil at all, does not make heavier and does not darken the general impression of what he saw.

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