Description of the painting by Isaac Ilyich Levitan “White lilac”

Description of the painting by Isaac Ilyich Levitan White lilac


One of the beautiful images of the artist in the genre of “Flower Still Life”, which is written on paper. Live, realistic and touching mark of this piece of nature.

In the foreground in the full size of the picture is a wonderful branch of blooming white lilac, placed in a vase of dark blue. Each small flower on any of the brushes of the plant simply amazes with the clarity and structure of the drawing. It creates the overall impression that you can reach out and touch these soft and tender white petals. It seems that by closing your eyes, you can feel the intoxicating scent of lilac.

Looking at the picture, you mentally transfer to spring, when everything blossoms and wakes up and starts a new, clean and fresh life. Lilac leaves are dark green, slightly twisted, dilute the image of the white mass of flowers and emphasize the naturalness and naturalness of the pattern. The vase is shown in a simple, simple volumetric shape, so as not to distract attention from the main storyline of the still life.

However, the glare of sunlight reflected in the vase also received the attention of the artist. Thus, the author tried to convey, most likely, the time of day in order to immerse the person looking at the picture into the atmosphere of a warm, sunny spring day, when the lilac is gaining color and pleases everyone with its outfit and fragrance.

The background of the picture is very blurred and unclear. Plain gray drapery fabric when writing still lifes. But it is her dark gray with iridescent color that emphasizes the particular whiteness of the branch of lilac and adds contrast and brightness to the picture.

The overall impression of the picture is iridescent, warm, gentle and pleasant. It gives a feeling of lightness, good mood and love for everything around, especially to nature and its sights.

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Description of the painting by Isaac Ilyich Levitan “White lilac”