Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan “Birch Grove”

Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan Birch Grove

This work was written for about four years.

The great talent of the artist to find in the ordinary beautiful, as well as openly and directly transfer it to people, made his work sublime and inimitable. Simple at first glance, the landscapes that we see every day, the author “revived” by attracting our attention to the locality.

What a gift it is necessary to possess in order to express a whole squall of human emotions in a miniature picture in order to draw a simple mind into the ranks of connoisseurs and minions of creativity and art!

On the canvas you can see a corner of a birch forest on a beautiful and bright sun drenched day. The artist beautifully wields light and color, so the sun glare perfectly harmonizes with white birch trees and lush green leaves, grass.

Among the grasses, flowers nod their violet-blue and white heads. Shadow and light are in perfect contrast, which gives the picture an extraordinary vividness and naturalness, reality. Immediately a summer mood appears, as if a breeze with a light wing rubs hair and birds can be heard…

The symbol of Russia, the Russian spirit – birch, filled with life. It seems that they themselves are swaying, turning towards the sun’s rays, in order to better illuminate and warm themselves. Around everything breathes joy and celebration, energy and light. It creates the impression that you are standing in the middle of this forest and breathing the fragrance of a summer day, and all this energy passes through you, filling you with positive thoughts and mood.

The spectator, absorbed in the impression of what he saw, becomes a co-author and continues to create a picture in his head, in his mind and imagination.

Finding a thin line between light and shade, between a rich color scheme and writing technique, Levitan came very close to such a flow as impressionism. The canvas has absorbed all the charm of the world and the subtlety of human feelings and emotions.

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