Description of the painting by Alexander Ivanov “Olives at the cemetery in Albano. New month

Description of the painting by Alexander Ivanov Olives at the cemetery in Albano. New month

The landscape of Alexander Andreevich Ivanov was created in the mid-1840s. The picture depicts a chain of young olive trees growing on a low hill. Branches and green foliage of young trees clearly stand out against the sky, illuminated by the rising dawn. Behind the olive trees there is a wide plain, and even farther on, on the very horizon, a strip of the sea coast can be seen.

The landscape is imbued with tranquility, tranquility and the proud majesty of the southern nature. The artist managed to capture the moment when the earth was still immersed in the silence of the night, and a month was still visible in the sky; however, the day has already begun, and around with every minute it is getting lighter.

This small landscape, created under the impression of Alexander Ivanov’s trips to the Apennine Peninsula, is one of the hundreds of images, sketches and drawings created by the painter in the process of working on the main and most famous work – the painting “Appearance of Christ to the people”, on which Ivanov worked his whole life. The theme, presented in “Olive” and a number of other paintings and sketches, was included as part of it. Now Ivanov’s work is kept in the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow.

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