Description of the painting by Titian “Behold the man”

Dated 1543 year, materials – oil on canvas, size – 242 by 361 cm. Stored in the Art-Historical Museum, Vienna, Austria. The artist is the most prominent representative of the Venetian school, his fame

Description of the painting by Ilya Glazunov “Stranger”

The painting by Ilya Glazunov called “The Stranger” was created as an illustration of A. Blok’s poem of the same name, with which they lived at the same time, and very often intersected under

Description of the painting by Eugene Delacroix “Chopin”

The unfinished portrait of Frédéric Chopin was painted by the French painter Eugene Delacroix in 1838. This portrait is not the most crucial role in the artist, but at the same time is very

Description of the painting by Ilya Glazunov “Prince Oleg and Igor”

He depicted the picture of the legendary Prince Oleg, who holds his son Igor in his arms. Oleg is dressed like a real Russian hero. He is wearing a traditional helmet and chain mail.

Description of the icon of Dionysius “Savior in power”

Today we have the opportunity to see the icon of the Savior in the Powers of Dionysius’s creation. Many who see this icon may say that it is similar to the “Savior in the

Description of the painting by Salvador Dali “Anna Maria”

The canvas was written in 1924 in oil on cardboard. On it, Salvador Dali depicted his sister Anna Maria, sitting on a chair. This is not the only work of the artist dedicated to

Description of illustrations by Ilya Glazunov works by Dostoevsky

Ilya Glazunov is one of the few artists, his name has been associated with disputes over many decades. The admiration of the viewer is accompanied by criticism, but interest in his work continues unabated.

Description of the painting by Igor Grabar “The Tale of Hoarfrost and the Rising Sun”

Igor Emmanuilovich Grabar is a multifaceted creative person. He was loved by many for the unique and very beautiful landscapes of Russian nature. Almost all his life he was an active participant and leader

Description of the painting by Firs Zhuravlev “Children beggars”

Zhuravlev is a Russian artist, who gave preference to genre scenes, which, like a searchlight, highlighted the evils of contemporary society. Rebellious streak, the desire to expose and plunge dullness and cruelty, were one

Description of the painting by Salvador Dali “The face of Mae West”

Salvador Dali – the famous follower of surrealism – provoked with his creative work endless reviews of admiration and harsh criticism. However, undoubtedly, this eccentric man always made people wonder, and each time he
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