Description of the painting by Jan Vermeer “Artist’s Studio”

The painting by the Dutch painter Vermeer bears other names as well. Such as “Artist and Model”, “Allegory of Painting” and “Art of Painting”. Size 130×110 cm. Painted with a mixture of protein and

Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky “Alushta”

Ivan Aivazovsky created the painting “Alushta” in 1878, now it is kept in the art gallery of Theodosia, bearing the name of the artist. The landscape depicts the Crimean city of Alushta. The image

Description of the painting by Victor Vasnetsov “The Foundation of Moscow”

As for Vasnetsov, in fact it can be called one of the founders of such a technique as the historical landscape. The artist carried out such orders for the old Moscow on the order

Description of the painting by Honore Daumier “Transnonen Street”

Honore Daumier is a cartoonist. “Transnonen Street” was written by him as part of his work in one of the best magazines in Paris, Caricature. Cloth created April 15, 1834. To create the picture,

Description of the painting by Viktor Vasnetsov “Bogatyr” (“The Knight at the Crossroads”)

Vasnetsov’s painting “The Bogatyr” or “The Knight at the Crossroads” for some reason always evokes associations not with Ilya Muromets, but with Svyatogor, who is looking for where to put strength. Probably because Vasnetsov

Description of the painting by Mikhail Avilov “Duel Peresvet with Chelubey”

Avilov depicted the battle that took place between the Russian bogatyr and the Tatar warrior. The battle on the Kulikovo Field began with him. Avilov wrote this canvas when there was a defense of
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