Description of the painting by Sandro Botticelli “John the Baptist”

The Italian master of the Renaissance Sandro Botticelli has repeatedly portrayed in his works of St. John the Baptist. The forerunner of Christ was one of the most popular in the painting of the

Description of the painting by Mikhail Vrubel “Mikula Selyaninovich”

This magnificent canvas was painted by Vrubel in 1896. It was assumed that it will be exhibited at the industrial exhibition. The creation was previously fully approved by the king. Nevertheless, the commission rejects

Description of the painting by Eugene Delacroix “Rook Dante”

Delacroix borrowed the plot for his famous “Rook” from the legendary “Divine Comedy”. Thanks to this work, the artist was marked by the first great achievement in his 24 years. The very name of

Description of the sculpture of Anna Golubkina “Old Age”

This sculpture was born in Paris. A. S. Golubkina, Auguste Rodin’s student herself, invited a woman to pose for herself, who had once been a model and posed for the master Rodin himself. Rodin

Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky “Alexander Pushkin on the beach”

The canvas was painted in 1887 in oil on canvas. Aivazovsky – the great Russian painter. His canvases are known all over the world. He gained his popularity in his youth, after presenting his

Description of the painting by Giorgione “Self-portrait”

This work belongs to the late works of the famous Venetian artist. It is believed that she originally depicted the scene of the biblical confrontation between David and Goliath, but later the lower part

Description of the painting by Francois Boucher “Pastoral”

Francois Boucher became famous not only as a talented artist, ideally corresponding to the spirit of his time, but also as a decorator and author of engravings. Illustrated many books. Most often he turned

Description of the painting by Vincent van Gogh “Still Life with Gladiolus”

Vincent Van Gogh is a great impressionist, who created many magnificent still lifes. One of the main tenets of post-impressionism is the image of the world of things, conveying the materiality of our world.

Description of the painting by Nina Vatolina “News from the front”

The picture was created in the most intense moment of the Patriotic War. Then life was divided into two worlds: the bloodshed and the cruelty of battles on the front line and the long

Description of the painting by Vladimir Borovikovsky “Portrait of D. A. Derzhavinoy”

Daria Alekseevna Derzhavina – the wife of the poet Gavriil Romanovich Derzhavin, a Russian poet of the late eighteenth century. Daughter of Petersburg State Councilor Alexei Dyakov and Princess Myshetskaya. Derzhavin devoted many of
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