Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky “Sea. Koktebel bay “

A picture of the famous marine painter Aivazovsky entitled “The Sea. Koktebel Bay “was written in the XVIII century in a realistic manner and is dedicated to the artist’s homeland, its beauty and feelings,

Description of the series of paintings by Vincent Willem van Gogh “Two cut sunflowers”

“Two cut sunflowers” – these are three paintings from the first series of the Paris cycle “Sunflowers”, written by Van Gogh August and September 1887. In total, there were four paintings in the first

Description of the statue of Donatello “Judith and Holofernes”

Donatello created an excellent work called Judith and Holofernes. At first, this sculpture was implied for the Medici Palace, but after the republic was declared, the palace was plundered, the work was moved to

Description of the mosaic by Alexander Deinek “Good morning”

The panel “Good Morning” is made in the mosaic technique characteristic of monumental art. He is considered one of the brightest examples of social realism in this genre. Cloth surprisingly accurately reflects the era.

Description of the painting by Mikhail Vrubel “Girl on the background of the Persian carpet”

The girl on the background of the Persian carpet is one of the beautiful works of the famous artist Mikhail Vrubel. Before the viewer appears colorful, bright picture. In the center of the canvas

Description of Leon Bakst’s painting “Ancient Horror”

The artist collected the picture in parts for several long years, fixing every moment of his stay in Greece and acquaintance with the era of Antiquity. Because on the canvas, defying the spatial and

Description of the painting by Konstantin Vasilyev “Valkyrie”

The painting “The Valkyrie” by Konstantin Vasilyev depicts Odin’s daughter – a belligerent, blond maid who takes the lives of perishing warriors. In general, the image of the war for Vasiliev was rather connected

Description of the painting by Eugene Delacroix “Dante and Virgil”

Eugene Delacroix is rightfully considered the founder of French Romanticism. Most of his works are intense epic scenes, made in rich contrasting colors, not characteristic of neoclassicism that still dominates in France at the

Description of the painting by William Blake “The Great Red Dragon”

The painting “Red Dragon” was written by English artist, engraver and poet William Blake in the period from 1803 to 1810. The canvas also has other names “Red dragon and a woman dressed in

Description of the sculpture by Giovanni Bernini “Apollo and Daphne”

The plot of the Apollo and Daphne sculpture was an episode from a famous mythological work. Cupid was offended by Apollo and decided to punish him. He pierced the hero’s heart with an arrow
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