Description of the painting by Karl Bryullov “Italian morning”

Description of the painting by Karl Bryullov Italian morning

In 1822, after the establishment of the Society for the Encouragement of Artists, Karl Brullov was lucky to become one of the first retirees of the Society in Italy. Abroad, having been in workshops and incorporating the achievements of the greatest masters of all time, he becomes one of the best painters in Rome. Karl Bryullov, with his work Italian Morning, presents to the viewer a portrait of a young Italian committing a morning toilet.

The canvas is filled with modesty, femininity, innocence and delicate refinement. Girl caress the morning sunlight, they obscure the face and chest of the girl. She is entirely focused on her toilet and does not notice the author. The background of the picture is darkened, thus the artist allows the public to clearly see the girl, noticing everything to the smallest detail. Young Italian is full of charm and natural beauty: her lips are full, the correct form of the nose, and under the lowered eyes, framed by thick and lush eyelashes, you can see the black eyes.

Karl Bryullov was able to achieve reliable color combinations, very realistically conveyed the texture of water, the skin tone of the southern beauty. Due to small details, such as a small shiny earring, the image of the Italian turned out to be attractive and warm. Everybody admired this canvas: first the Italian and then the Russian public. He was presented to the Russian emperor Alexander I.

The picture received a positive review in the Russian magazine “Notes of the Fatherland” and admiration of a whole pleiad of Russian painters. Continuing to compare and solve complex riddles of nature and man, as well as experimenting with light, Karl Brullov will write “Italian Midday” in the wake of the painting “Italian Morning”,

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