Description of the painting by Vincent Van Gogh “On the threshold of eternity”

Van Gogh has always been a topic of life. Its ephemeral, its fragility and at the same time strength. Unhappy man, hardworking, stubborn and refusing to stop hoping even in the most hopeless situations,

Description of the Alberto Giacometti Sculpture “The Walking Man”

Walking man is a well-known sculpture, which has pierced with its deep meaning all the world art of the XX century. Authorship belongs to the genius master, graphics, artist Alberto Giacometti (1901-1966). A new

Description of the painting by Efim Volkov “Sea”

Painting Efim Efimovich Volkov “Sea” refers to the genre of realistic landscape painting. Today it is in the collection of the Lipetsk Regional Museum of Local History, where everyone can see it in the

Description of the painting by Igor Grabar “Apples”

Art critic, art historian, restorer, teacher, architect, artist and all about one comprehensively developed man Igor Grabar, who because of his titanic work in the cultural field could not go down in history, he

Description of the painting by Karl Van Loo “Portrait of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna”

Van Loo – a bright representative of the dynasty of painters, held a high position at the court and had fame. He studied painting with his father and realistically could convey not just the

Description of the painting by Sergey Vinogradov “Summer”

The beginning of the 20th century in Russia was characterized by the rapid development of industry. The construction of cities proceeded at a fast pace, and the estate life was a thing of the

Description of the painting by Alexander Deinek “Outskirts of Moscow”

Military themes are often used by artists. More often depict scenes from battles and battles. A painting by A. Deinek “The outskirts of Moscow” reflects a household story of 1941, when German troops were

Description of the painting by Peter Bruegel the Elder “Artist and Connoisseur”

The painting “The Artist and the Expert” (“Self-portrait with the customer”) was made by the Flemish artist Peter Bruegel the Elder in 1565 with ink and pen on paper. Genre – self-portrait. The artist

Description of the painting by Mikhail Vrubel “Demon Prostrate”

The Demon Outcast is a 1901 painting, painted on canvas with oil. The demon is thrown into the gorge. His hands and body became helpless, his wings spread. Wings demon surrounded, like a fire.

Description of the painting by Alexander Ivanov “Self-portrait”

The painting “Self-portrait” is one of the most popular works in the works of A. I. Ivanov. It is different from most paintings by the artist. The work was written before the trip to
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