Description of the painting by Titian Vecellio “Beauty”

Description of the painting by Titian Vecellio Beauty

Among the master’s works, portraits occupy a special place. In the early period, when the artist only observed the beauty of the earth and people, learned to see the beauty of the external and internal, a whole series of female portraits appeared. For each portrait lay an imprint of the high Renaissance style, where each detail carries a certain semantic load.

The portrait “Beauty” was painted by the observance of all the canons of that era, from the canvas looks a living woman with an elusive sadness in her eyes. The image created by him is surprisingly touching and sublime. As a great colorist, Titian creates a whole palette of subtle shades of the same color in one picture in the picture. The play of light and shadow creates a feeling of breathing, as if the lady stopped just for a moment, straighten the sleeve, or consider something.

Dark background with small glimpses of light strokes focuses on the face and clothes of the beauty. The artist showed his standard of feminine beauty and grace, investing in the image of a piece of life. With the warmth and admiration, the slightest features of the face, a proud landing of the head and a magnificent posture are written out

Deep insight into psychology allowed us to show the inner purity and softness of character. The richness of the dress with numerous decorative elements does not distract attention from the high smooth forehead, the calm gaze of dark eyes and honey hair, taken in a simple hairstyle. The soft half-smile of delicately outlined lips keeps the secret from everyone who is not involved in her circle. The dark colors of the clothes and the background create a dazzling contrast with the fair skin of the face and shoulders, involuntarily attracting the gaze to the facial expression, inner beauty depicted by the great master.

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