Description of the painting by Salvador Dali “Pearl”

Description of the painting by Salvador Dali Pearl

The artist, known by the end of the 19th century, Salvador Dali painted many wonderful paintings, but not all of them have such an amazing story as that of the painting “The Pearl”, painted in 1981. Its history is as follows: one rich enough to order a picture, the nobleman decided to make a gift to his wife and asked Salvador Dali to draw it. To which the artist agreed, and the woman went to Paris, in his studio. She was dressed in a very elegant dress, almost white, in the fashion of that time very fluffy and decorated with a mass of frills. There was a precious necklace around her neck, in which the eye was attracted by only one wonderful pearl.

After the picture was drawn, they sent it to the customer, who was immensely pleased, but only the spot on the pearl was distressing him, in his opinion, in no way in harmony with the whole portrait. He sent a message to Dali with a request to remove such inconvenience, and he

was refused and offered to arm himself with a magnifying glass. The offended customer nevertheless took a magnifying glass, and was delighted, because he saw that it was not a stain at all, but an image of the artist himself painting the portrait of the lady, to whom the picture was intended. This is how the canvas got its name – “Pearl”.

The picture depicts a close-up of the body of a woman, slightly plump, in a bright fluffy dress, but instead of the head of the lady, who actually should complete the neck, depicts a huge pure pearl. So Dali saw the woman who came to him. The second plan of the painting is darkened, and as if divided into lilac and red tones, maybe so that the light coming from the pearl could be seen more strongly. Undoubtedly, “Pearl” is one of the best works of Dali, written in the style of surrealism, as well as one of his penultimate works, since due soon after the death of his beloved wife, Dali will cease to paint and close in on his own until 1989 year

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Description of the painting by Salvador Dali “Pearl”