Description of the painting by Karl Bryullov “Portrait of Zinaida Volkonskaya”

Description of the painting by Karl Bryullov Portrait of Zinaida Volkonskaya

In the portrait of the famous 3.A. Volkonsky artist managed to bring their skills to a new level. Bryullov was very good friends with this famous and beautiful woman, and he was friends until old age, before his death. Perhaps that is why Bryullov managed to wonderfully draw a man whom she knew so well, understood and loved.

Contemporaries Z. A. Volkonskaya repeatedly talked about her extraordinary talents and abilities. She possessed excellent vocal abilities, remarkably kept on the stage, and was well versed in literature. Pushkin, Baratynsky and Kozlov repeatedly wrote about her. Alexander Sergeevich called her a queen, a muse and a lady of inspiration. He spoke more than once about her thoughtfulness and genius.

That is what she appeared to us in the portrait of Briullov. She sits in a beautiful, big chair. Most of the composition takes a chair and a fluffy dress actress. Her gaze is directed into the distance given to the audience. She is full of thought and tenderness. In her eyes are reflected and flashed the lights of new inspiration.

Subtle female features make the viewer to be inspired and obey this muse. And despite all its airiness, lightness, thoughtfulness, and mysteriousness, internal force and spirit can be felt in it. Tightly squeezed lips express a contradiction, not agreement, the presence of their own opinions.

It seems a little more, and 3.A. Volkonsky will speak directly from the picture. The index finger raised to the chin, once again underlines the thoughtfulness of the actress. She is clearly thinking of something, rebellious thoughts are not going to leave her head. There are only a pair of earrings and bracelets on her jewelry. But they are very thin and elegant, do not take away much attention and underline once again the fragility of a woman.

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Description of the painting by Karl Bryullov “Portrait of Zinaida Volkonskaya”