Description of the portrait of Karl Pavlovich Bryullov “Portrait of A. N. Strugovshchikov”

Description of the portrait of Karl Pavlovich Bryullov Portrait of A. N. Strugovshchikov

The painting “Portrait of A. N. Strugovshchikov” was made by KP Bryullov oil on canvas in 1840.

Genre – portrait.

In the red chair the poet and translator Alexander Nikolaevich Strugovshchikov relaxed and freely leaned back. Perhaps the chair is the only bright and rich spot in the work. It emphasizes the sophistication, grace and intelligence of the person being portrayed. The head of the hero is tilted slightly to the side. Her pale, smoothly shaved face is framed by black, neatly laid, smooth hair. Hairstyle opens the poet’s big forehead. The pensive eyes of smart eyes are fixed to the side. The artist beautifully conveyed the moment of spiritual contemplation and fragile, not tolerating the anxiety of the creative process. Slightly pulled forward, tightly compressed, soft, sensual lips reinforce this impression. Facial expression – calm, filled with reverie. Some tragedy, however, adds the so-called “Rembrandt triangle” on the left cheek.

The poet is dressed in a white shirt, black vest and a brown jacket. The bright edges of the shirt peeking out of the sleeves of the jacket. Hands lie relaxed on the armrests of the chair, one brush hangs limply, the other holds the book. Long thin fingers emphasize the poet’s sincere mood, his dreaminess and refinement. On one finger is a dark ring.

The poet took a natural and relaxed position, there is no tension and excess energy. Black and white drawing emphasizes only a soft volume of the head, facial features, a certain lethargy of the face. In the picture there are no sharp contrasts, dramatic expression, tragedy.

Interestingly, with all spirituality, lack of will and passivity are characteristic of the image.

The work is stored in the State Tretyakov Gallery.

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