Description of the painting by Peter de Hoch “Mistress and maid”

The year of creation of the most famous canvass de Hoch is unknown for certain. Most often, researchers of the Dutch painter agree that it was 1660. In his work The Hostess and the

Description of the painting by Gustav Klimt “Hope II”

German artist Gustav Klimt was the creator of art nouveau works. The roots come from the group of the Vienna Secession, created by the artist himself. The group was engaged in the publication of

Description of the painting by Valentin Serov “Mika Morozov”

Oil painting by the famous artist Valentin Aleksandrovich Serov cannot fail to attract attention when you walk past her in the exhibition hall of the Tretyakov Gallery, where she has the honor of being

Description of the painting by Pablo Picasso “Three Musicians”

This work, written by Picasso in the style of synthetic cubism, was created by him in Fontainebleau in the summer of 1921. It is believed that she portrays the deceased Guillaume Apollinaire, Max Jacob

Description of the painting by Ivan Kulikov “With the holiday”

Ivan Kulikov – the famous artist, describing the real life of the Russian people. At first, his work was limited to scenes from the life of ordinary villagers. Then his paintings acquired a historical

Description of the painting by Renoir “Landscape in Beaulieu”

Pierre Auguste Renoir has created many beautiful paintings depicting natural, natural beauty. He painted portraits, still lifes, as well as landscapes. “Landscape in Beaulieu” – a classic trick of impressionism. Here we see nature

Description of the painting by Pierre Auguste Renoir “Coco”

Renoir painted this portrait in oil on canvas, which was written in a very difficult period for the artist when he was in Japan. The canvas depicts a child named Koko, and critics attribute

Description of the painting by Boris Kustodiev “Winter. Shrovetide festivities “

The nature and culture of Russia were the ideological inspirers for many creators. Among them is the famous artist Boris Kustodiev. The master admired the harsh winter and festive rites of the common people.

Description of the painting by Ivan Kramsky “Mina Moses”

The painting “Mina Moses” was painted by I. N. Kramsky in 1882. She was a kind of sketch for a larger canvas “Peasant with a bridle” created a year later. The portrait of Mina

Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan “Forest. Sunny day”

Isaac Ilyich Levitan painted the painting “Forest. Sunny day “in the period from 1883-1884 year. Exceptional nature is the only inspiration for Levitan. The picture has its own lyrical intonation. The artist subtly felt
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