Description of the painting by Boris Kustodiev “Winter. Shrovetide festivities “

Description of the painting by Boris Kustodiev Winter. Shrovetide festivities

The nature and culture of Russia were the ideological inspirers for many creators. Among them is the famous artist Boris Kustodiev. The master admired the harsh winter and festive rites of the common people. One of the sunny days he forever retained on the canvas “Winter. Shrovetide festivities.

The combination of bright carnival colors, as well as possible, catches the eye of the viewer, thanks to the calm background. In the middle of the snow there are a lot of people, three horses, domes of local churches. Before us is a real fairy tale: fair, carousel, children’s laughter. This riot creates the impression of a holiday, charges its mood. The picture is drawn, as if from a height. Due to this, the abundance of parts does not make the space heavier.

It seems that only a person filled with vitality and energy can create such a masterpiece. However, when studying the biography of the artist revealed completely different facts. Boris Kustodiev was long and hopelessly ill. Only his work helped him to maintain his natural optimism and share it with others. “Winter. Shrovetide festivities “dumb orders for those who are sad or sad. The work calls for preserving the light within oneself in all circumstances and being able to convey it to people. In addition, the picture is religious in nature. The image of the church is light and bright, like the faith of the author herself.

The author wrote many works from memory, managing to reproduce even the smallest details subtly and talentedly. As if ironically, the canvas is kept in St. Petersburg, in the apartment of one of the most pessimistic poets of Russia – Joseph Brodsky.

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