Description of the painting by Pierre Auguste Renoir “Nude”

Description of the painting by Pierre Auguste Renoir Nude

Another picture, glorifying the naturalness of female beauty – “Nude” by Renoir. A French painter painted it in 1876. The work was carried out in the characteristic genre of impressionism. The picture is confidently called a portrait, because the main thing in this image of a naked young woman is her face, which reflects the personality of nature. The naked body of a lady is shown as a natural supplement, she covers it chastely with her hands.

The model for the canvas of Renoir was a young woman, Anna. She has repeatedly posed for artists to create their masterpieces, so in her appearance felt confidence and calm. Anna is beautiful with ripe beauty, her plump forms are harmonious and pleasant looking. Half-turned, she glances at the viewers.

Face lit up with a healthy blush; scarlet lips stand out with a bright bow against the background of whitening skin; bright big eyes framed by lush eyelashes. The hairstyle of dark hair is high, the curls are tucked back, exposing the curvature of the back. A girl is sitting on a white sheet lying on the armchair. The background for the image of the model is a chaotic assortment of broad strokes of violet tones.

The artist purposely writes the background blurred, coarse in comparison with the figure of a lady – finely crafted, light, voluminous. In this technique, the innovation of a bold master. Thanks to the artfully created contrast between the material background and the animate object, it is felt that the painting is dynamic, without which no creation of the Impressionists can do.

The simplicity of the plot harbors unprecedented depth and complexity. Radiant play of pearl and pinkish tones blend into the skin of young Anna. The artist inspires us to admire the feminine forms and natural beauty of a model’s face. To depict a bare nature without a note of vulgarity is a complex art, but it is subject to the Parisian impressionist.

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