Description of the painting by Mikhail Vrubel “Angel with a censer and a candle”

Description of the painting by Mikhail Vrubel Angel with a censer and a candle

The work “Angel with a censer and a candle” was performed by Vrubel when he was near Kiev. He was at that time engaged in watercolor painting of the Vladimir Cathedral. Looking at the canvas it becomes clear exactly how the writing of this picture proceeded.

Initially, the composition itself was conceived before the instrument for its writing appeared in his hands. A characteristic feature and distinction of Vrubel was the moment that he was the only one of the famous painters who used to adhere the bands of the required length. This was necessary in order that the plan did not maintain any frames and boundaries, and how much the composition of the place required, as much as it eventually received.

The style of writing an angel is called academic. At the same time, Vrubel was not very much favored at the time when he was engaged in painting the Vladimir Cathedral. This is due to the fact that among the customers, there were no admirers of the Vrubelskiy direction of painting, in which monumental and decorative forms prevail. Meanwhile, Vrubel was never an icon painter, and did not strive for this, he was more attributed to the murals.

According to witnesses of the writing of this picture, in spite of the fact that it was quite voluminous, as in principle, most of his works were never broken up into parts, but carried out completely and filled all the space. Vrubel knew how to subdue space for himself and this is reflected in his work. Due to the expressiveness of the silhouette of an angel, it is safe to say that the work has the features of a monumental work. This is also evidenced by the laconic forms, which has nothing personal and the generalization of the whole composition.

This work can be safely attributed to the early Renaissance of Italy than to the Russian or Byzantine images.

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