Description of the painting by Mikhail Vrubel “The Fortune Teller”

Description of the painting by Mikhail Vrubel The Fortune Teller

Vrubel loved to travel around the countries. He visited: Rome, Milan, Athens and other cities, but the heart forever remained in the capital of Russia – Moscow. Such wanderings have a positive impact on the works of the artist, leaving a fiery mark on history.

Picture “Fortune Teller” – one of these creative impulses. Visiting Spain, Vrubel began to write passionate canvases full of feelings and tenderness. Many critics and historians believe that seeing the opera “Carmen” the artist created this picture in a fit of feelings.

In literature, “Carmen” is a love story telling about a gypsy woman and her lover. This is where the plot of the picture begins. The center of the composition becomes romales with an unusually wild and predatory appearance, concealing many secrets. Short hair gives an imperious and strong nature, which can stand up for themselves. About the same speaks and body language. The feigned softness of the position of the body is opposed to confident hands. About her impermanence speaks disharmonious appearance and environment. Rich carpets are not combined with a simple dress of a girl who inspires thoughts about how she got here and where did all this come from?

Roma people have always been attributed magical abilities. Therefore, Vrubel put cards in her hands, which personify the connection with the nomadic people. To enhance the effect, the fortune teller holds a mysterious peak ace, foreshadowing the blow of fate or a long journey full of danger and difficulty. The woman, as if in mockery, does not look at the cards, testing the strength that came to her.

Symbols of color can be found here. For example, the pink scarf, traditionally meaning infantilism, here takes on a different character: the cunning and deceit of the mysterious and unpredictable stranger. She has a look like a beautiful harem who wants to master the skill of witchcraft.

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