Description of the painting by Konstantin Vasilyev “Berg”

Description of the painting by Konstantin Vasilyev Berg

Emotionally rich picture, a riot of colors, unsurpassed combinations make any viewer think. Carefully examining the foreground, we see the coastal sand of golden color. Very finely, the artist conveys a falling shadow on the sand and small notches in the sand are highlighted in dark brown.

Very textured and undoubtedly brightly depicted sea stones, about which an angry wave beats. It is important to note that the artist depicted them very naturally, it is impossible to find the same combination of colors and shades. Note how accurately the author of the picture managed to portray the instant of the incoming wave. As if the person viewing the picture, for some time found himself on the seashore and enjoys the majestic beauty of nature.

The artist, in the center of his picture, depicted white foam of the sea, as a result of the impact of the sea wave on sharp coastal stones. It captures the spirit of the whiteness and beauty of the sea foam, which involuntarily makes us remember the plot of the tale of the great Russian poet A. S. Pushkin.

Further, the artist depicts the sea in dark blue colors, thereby emphasizing its depth and grandeur. Vasiliev places the greatest emphasis on low-crowded white, light clouds. So densely accumulated, practically not giving the passage a bright blue shade of the summer sky.

Let us pay attention to the upper left corner of the picture, how exactly the author selected paints for the image in order to show the real beauty of the nature of the sea coast.

Moreover, it is important to note that the sky is not fully depicted in blue, there are glimpses of white inclusions of moving clouds. The picture is saturated with bright colors, dominated by shades of bright blue and blue tones. It is important to note that the white color is also used by the artist in abundance for the natural image of the beauty of nature.

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