Description of the painting by Konstantin Vasilyev “Reaper”

Description of the painting by Konstantin Vasilyev Reaper

The painting was painted in 1966 by the Russian artist Konstantin Vasilyev for his mother’s birthday. The author is best known for his style, predisposed to Slavic mythology, ancient Russian epics and images.

The artist honed his skills by transferring the faces and figures of the ancient Russians to the canvases, displaying archetypes with extraordinary precision, like men and women. One of the works of this nature is the “Reaper”. This is an image of a delightful blonde beauty catching the depth of her gaze.

The girl leaned against the graceful birch to take a break from hard work, but in her bottomless gaze it was not at all tiredness, but the whole essence of the Russian soul. In her view, you can judge the inner peace, peace and harmony of the heroine. However, it is worth noting that she looks straight, confident, not looking away, thoughtfully. The girl is represented by a stern warrior, capable of protecting herself, her family, and her homeland. The picture as if tells the viewer about the balance, the order in the eyes of the girl.

Did the creator understand intentionally in such deep subtleties of the Slavic world outlook and way of life? It is difficult to judge this, but you can confidently say that Vasiliev felt it intuitively, unconsciously. He definitely felt the picture he was writing and knew what he was writing about. The author liked to depict the image, culture, and not a particular person.

For the “Reaper” you need to watch for a long time to see what the artist put into it. The picture is fascinating, conveying the atmosphere of Slavic life and life. It is safe to say that each work has its own soul, character and unique author’s style – in its own way, these canvases will forever live.

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