Description of the painting by Kazimir Malevich “Harvest”

Description of the painting by Kazimir Malevich Harvest

The habit of perceiving all the works of Malevich in only one style – “cubism” – is destructive. He, like all creative geniuses, skillfully mastered different styles. I could draw a landscape, as the marine painter Aivazovsky did more than once; Picasso also changed his style of work many times and also painted landscapes. In our country, the modern public strictly associates the artist with the “Black Square” and seeing this picture, many will be surprised that it belongs to Malevich.

Although if you look closely, then, just as you can without mistakenly recognize the author. There is something of cubism, but at least clear lines of the fields. Yes, and the concept of “wheat” is not clearly drawn here. And women are strange, with some unimaginable figures. Where are they to classic Venus. But even through a purely symbolic definition of faces and through statics one can feel how hard it is for these depicted women. And do not look at the primitiveness of the picture or the absence of the usual landscape realities.

The artist remained true to himself and did not determine the place and action. And I didn’t even change my style of writing, I just created a slightly different job, not in my genre, but leaving my own style. They say that he created it to argue. But these are only legends. By the way, it is worth paying attention that the work here is not overflowed with color, even bright colors are somehow muted.

It was difficult for Malevich to live in real space, he rather survived than lived. But still, the fame of him still thunders for the whole world, and his canvases began to cost so much that it was possible to buy several residential premises with the money. Even so incomprehensible images are now very expensively valued. This “Harvest” has long been valued at several hundred thousand dollars. The artist’s canvases are found not only in private collections, but also in state museums of Russia and Europe.

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