Description of the painting by Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky “St. George Monastery”

Description of the painting by Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky St. George Monastery

The popular marine painter Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky is a unique leader of the creators of the marine theme. A large number of paintings by the author, dedicated to the sea, he, like no one understood the full depth of the sea and beauty.

The creation of the painting “St. George Monastery” falls on the year 1846, when the painter visited Sevastopol (Crimea). In this city, Ivan Konstantinovich was not once. The masterpiece expresses the young sensuality of the landscape painter, and his romantic orientation. The landscape is represented by an amazing locality that is full of charms and charm.

In front of the viewer stands Fiolent Cape, which belongs to the wonderful places of the Crimea. The main nature for the artist becomes the sea, it surrounds these wonderful rocks. All the work is filled with moonlight, and the path going along the sea beckons with its majesty. The background of dark skies is gently illuminated with a silvery light, and everything around reminds a beautiful moon fairytale.

On the canvas “St. George Monastery” there is a composition that reflects the color harmony. Aivazovsky’s work is composed of rich nuances and transitions. The brightness of the tones stabilizes the position of the graphics, which attracts the viewer. Poetic images of the sea landscape and the cape, prove how much the artist is in love with the beauty of nature.

A lonely sailboat in the distance, depicted by thin lines of brush paints. Ivan Konstantinovich, if he wants to go on a night trip. The picture depicts calm sea, which does not break the breeze. The painter aims to bring each observer to the reality of sea beauty.

Aivazovsky could occasionally be distracted by certain genres of painting, but the seascape was his favorite style, in which he invested his inner world and experiences. Ivan Konstantinovich is an artist, in whose work one can see traces of fabulous and real sea depths.

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