Description of the painting by Ilya Glazunov “Discretion”

Description of the painting by Ilya Glazunov Discretion

The painting by Ilya Glazunov was first shown in 2010. The young masterpiece is painted on canvas with oil. Its size is 400×800.

The striking scale of the canvas simply impresses the viewer’s eye. This is a great epoch-making phenomenon in Russian history in the world of painting.

The composition is not so complicated, but it contains more than a hundred different figures. She is no match for the content and depth. Absolutely about every hero of this picture, critics can provide information. So, the artist was inspired by numerous trips to different parts of the depths of the Motherland.

At first glance, the viewer opens a complete idea of the confusion of the plot. But what is characteristic of such an idea is the spirit of that time.

Poverty, misfortune and immobilizing fear of the people, who turned out to be unwitting captives of the political spirit indispensable stands next to the catchy symbolism of the Russian soul – birch trees, religious temples, iconic images, crosses on the neck and quiet images of Russian women

The author of the picture tried to convey the image of Orthodox Russia. Also intending to portray all the gross beauty of the Russian people. That beauty, which in our days no longer meet.

If you turn your attention to the picture of the artist, as a whole, you can marvel at the spatial abundance of coherence, meaningfulness and organization of Glazunov.

“Dispossession” produces a certain sense of enlightenment. Even despite the fact that there is a hardness of the text, for the most part there is more dominated by the pleasure of a rather bright colors, spatiality, rather than suffering.

Such a colorful work as “Disposition” or Glazunov is a soulful release of the artist himself. It is his own personal understanding of past years, which has been forming in his head for many years. And no one takes away from him the right of such an understanding. Now will not take away.

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