Description of the painting by Boris Ioganson “Rabfak is coming”

Description of the painting by Boris Ioganson Rabfak is coming

The canvas belongs to the brush of the Soviet artist Boris Ioganson. The painting was created in 1928 and fully reflects the Soviet reality of the represented era. “Rabfak is coming” – the picture is bright and bright, it is filled with the poetic spirit of the time, the desire for perfection, typical of youth.

The central place on the canvas is reserved for three students. To understand this is not difficult at all. The young man in the center of the group holds an open book in his hands, the guy who is on his left side tries to keep up with his friend and enthusiastically peers at pages fluttering in the wind.

A book or a notebook is also clamped in his hand. The girl, without a doubt, being part of this academic company, resolutely paces on the right side of the guy with the open book. In her right hand also plump little volume. Most likely, the guys are returning from the library, where they managed to get new editions of their favorite authors.

Clothing boys and girls is quite simple. The girl has a blue skirt and a red jacket, her hair is cut short. The guy with the open book is dressed in a black work suit. On his friend’s shirt and short shorts. He is probably not a student, but only a schoolboy.

The guys are confidently walking along the road. Behind their backs are seen several trees, high-rise buildings rise far away. They are removed from the city on a country road.

They are strong, brave, ready to fight for a bright communist future. Young people thirst for knowledge, united by a common understanding of the world that they have to build.

Made in bright, bright, literally sparkling colors, the picture fully reflects the impressionistic moods of that era. The composition of the canvas is built on the contrast of sharp dynamic lines. Agitational posters, leaflets and slogans of the first Soviet years served as a stylistic basis for it.

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