Description of the painting by Yuri Vasnetsov “The Bliss of Paradise”

Description of the painting by Yuri Vasnetsov The Bliss of Paradise

Vasnetsov, who is an artist, transmitting to the viewer fabulous paintings and a sense of the unusual, distinguished by his work “The Bliss of Paradise”. In this unusual picture, which is fraught with deep meaning and details, symbolizing certain values.

The painting depicts Adam and Eve, who gave birth to the human race. The heroes of this picture are trying to know life and enjoy the moment, because at this moment they experience heavenly delight. They are surrounded by a fabulous garden in which the tree of knowledge is located.

The main task of the progenitors of mankind is to understand and realize what is good and evil. The same task confronts those who look at this picture and try to catch and understand the meanings of every detail.

The animal life, which is depicted in the picture, has a hidden meaning, for example, the lion – the king of beasts, standing near Adam, is a symbol of the masculine, and the doe, next to Eve, is the feminine. The area where the characters are located is a real paradise, where harmony and spirituality can be traced. This calm and serenity hides a real storm, which no one is waiting. This pleasure will not last long, because Eve was never able to know what is good and what is evil. The picture truly makes you think about many things and think about your mistakes, which can be decisive. Adam and Eve symbolize the sinful trait of humanity, which chose temporary power in exchange for endless heavenly pleasure.

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Description of the painting by Yuri Vasnetsov “The Bliss of Paradise”