Description of the painting by Vladimir Makovsky “Girl with geese in the field”

Description of the painting by Vladimir Makovsky Girl with geese in the field

Vladimir Makovsky – the son of the famous art historian and founder of the School of Painting and Architecture E. I. Makovsky – from his very birth was associated with the world of beauty. Raised in an atmosphere of creativity, he from an early age chose the path of the artist. Vladimir Egorovich dedicated his life to the “little man” many and fruitfully working his works. On top of that, the master was strictly faithful to the vision of art solely in terms of the truthfulness and sincerity of the world around it.

Among the simple everyday scenes, based on this ideology, the picture “Girl with geese in the field” is especially obvious. Written in 1875, it is included in an extensive series of works on the life of peasant children. Many of the works of Makovsky in their everyday life and everyday life reveal the beauty of unique moments that encompass the liveliness and lyricism of all life.

The plot and composition are extremely simple. However, the master manages to convey his reverent and tender attitude to the model and emphasize the individuality of an ordinary peasant girl. The young cowgirl, who came out early in the morning to graze the geese, walks gracefully with her bare feet on the grass. Makovsky with great care discharged the girl’s face, emphasizing a dreamy, staring gaze with sly sparkles, and highlighting the scarlet lips. The natural beauty and cheerful disposition of the young heroine is accompanied by a motley sundress and beads shining in the sun. A mop of raven-wing hair was tucked behind his back and decorated with flower wreaths, the rest with a large multicolored armful could hardly fit in an apron.

Accompanying girl geese obediently follow her. It is curious that the large white-black goose in front crouched down to the ground and, apparently, hisses, sensing danger. But his brethren lazily walk behind, and the whole atmosphere radiates serenity and calm. And yet endless and artless, but the more attractive in its magnificence is the expanse of green meadows with a scattering of snow-white flowers and a crystal blue sky… Charm and elegance are wrapped in the morning silence of a little village scene.

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