Description of the painting by Sergey Baulin “The Church of the Intercession on the Nerl”

Description of the painting by Sergey Baulin The Church of the Intercession on the Nerl

Baulin was an unsurpassed master of landscape with elements of architecture. He creates a grand picture, which perfectly depicts the unusual buildings of different times. The artist is able to clearly convey the features of architecture.

Before us is the impressive work of the painter. He depicted the famous Church of the Intercession. The temple is a revered shrine. The church is small and rather modest. They built it and named it in honor of the Intercession. This holiday was traditionally celebrated in Russia. Many artists are imbued with this quiet beauty. That is why you can see a sufficient number of paintings, which depict the church.

Baulin takes a close-up. The viewer can see the church cover in the smallest detail. No detail escapes the master brush painter. If you look a little closer, you can even see the fancy lace thread, which has become a bright decoration of this building.

The shape of the building is quite unusual. This is a large square. In its center is the dome, which rushes straight into the sky. It is difficult to believe that this magnificence was created in ancient times.

For the construction of the temple was chosen a picturesque place. According to legend, it was indicated by none other than Prince Bogolyubsky. A small hill stands in the middle of the Nerl. Further, endless meadows stretch, which merge into the bottomless sky in the distance. This hill was made specially. The fact is that in spring there is a strong overflow of the river.

Baulin depicts an overcast day. This painter was able to convey the darkness with the help of a masterful image of the sky. The color shifts from blue (dark) to gray. The sun is covered with thick heavy clouds. This background allows the church to look more bright. It seems that this is a magical ray of sunshine that illuminates the darkness. The artist demonstrates that the temple will always accept in any weather, whatever the situation. You just need to believe in your own strength and follow the path of the righteous.

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