Description of the painting by Sandro Botticelli “Lamentation of Christ. Pieta

Description of the painting by Sandro Botticelli Lamentation of Christ. Pieta

Venetian painting has always been a religious orientation. Sandro Botticelli is one of those artists who realistically showed the world of God and his creations. In the paintings of the master significantly changed the Early Renaissance to the High period. Oil paints are actively used, making the paintings more saturated. Soft color gives the outlines of shapes a subtle form.

The work “Lamentation of Christ” conveys, first of all, not the inner world of reality, but the mood. Gospel episode independently conveys the feelings of the characters. The face of the Savior bears the mark of suffering and sorrow. Secondary figures show a deep sadness, which is very restrained in the picture. Women and the apostle lean over the tormented body of Christ. Joseph, depicted with a crown of thorns in his hand – he took the body from Pilate. A shroud wrapped in a shroud rests lifelessly, but in the mind of the viewer, it appears to be asleep. The work conveys the sentiments of the Saints so much that invisible power makes them empathize with this terrible moment with them.

After all, the Savior wanted good for all people, and he was sentenced to a painful death. Figures of the Christian scene can not understand why? Murder is a sin. The work is imbued with transparent dull tones of colors, which give a depressed atmosphere. So much grief, and it is real. Sandro Botticelli qualitatively shows his art of depicting religious scenes. Do not compare his work with anything, as scenes are taken imbued with an internal gleam of experiences. The obsession of etudes is absent, which adds to the picture of sensuality and energy of the viewer. The Italian master made a man think about his life and attitude towards the higher forces. The urgency of this problem remains today. The choice between life and death does not find the answer.

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