Description of the painting by Salvador Dali “Plant”

Description of the painting by Salvador Dali Plant

The painting was created by the author in 1924, when Dali was removed from classes at the Academy of Arts of San Fernando for misbehavior. It is after this that he will hold a personal exhibition of his works in the Barcelona Gallery, which Picasso will visit.

The painting “Plant” is rather a still life, where the foreground shows a beautiful and green flower in a pot. Here, nothing abstracted the viewer from the main subject of the picture, captured by the author. A simple pot, brownish in color, on a fresh and greenish background. A window is located nearby, since it is clearly visible that a ray of sunshine hits the flower on the floor.

The flower itself is also green, but it does not merge with the rest of the background, but rather stands out from it. It is evident that he is well maintained with well-straightened leaves. This gives the viewer an involuntary sensation of warmth and joy, touching purity and enjoying the beauty of a flower. Is it possible to associate this canvas with the creative period of the author? Of course, maybe he was trying to emphasize what happened to him in comparison with a single flower. Therefore, it would not be a special sin to conclude that the author, who was put up in the period of some expectation of something new, was not alone in his resilience.

The plant is still very green and young with beautifully straightened leaves, stretches upwards to the knowledge of the creature and the joys of all life. But it stands against the wall, like a naughty schoolboy for his leprosy, and there is no freedom for him to get out of this pot, as soon as it is up and around. The picture rather emphasizes life, there is no sadness in it, the presence of a green tint and at the same time clear and even lines in the form of a floor and a wall speaks about the correctness and confidence in the author’s behavior. Interesting and wonderful picture in comparison with the life of the author.

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