Description of the painting by Peter Bruegel “Senokos”

Description of the painting by Peter Bruegel Senokos

Peter the Elder Bruegel in 1565 wrote the famous painting “Haymaking”, which is included in the series “The Seasons”. This is a great master of the pen, who very subtly and kindly depicts nature and everything that happens around it.

The plot is dedicated to the summer months: June and July, at the time when haymaking begins and goes. The picture is written in a realistic style, it carries a sense of reality from what he saw on the canvas. There is an incredible relationship between man and nature, their communication is so closely that they merge into a single harmony. It is very difficult to achieve life and unity with nature, only great masters are able to convey to us all the feelings, emotions and actions of people.

The main characters are peasants, who are depicted in different variations: the men mow the grass, the women gather it in sheaves, another team from the shade of a tree dines and rests. People make a special meaning of the canvas, they are one with nature and at the same time are at different poles. See how harmoniously the peasants fit into the overall background of the picture, even though everyone is busy with different activities.

In the foreground a tired man sleeps after a work shift. It is evident that he was very tired, because he did not have time to take a comfortable position for sleeping. Labor of the working people is in the foreground. The terrain and landscape are stunning with their realism, it seems that we ourselves are there.

The artist uses warm color schemes to create an image of nature: yellow field, green grass, blue sky. The main colors in the composition Bruegel nevertheless gave to people, he clearly conveys this through peasant clothes. Nature is awakening, the peasants are beginning to work, not for nothing that these two parallels have been made. We viewers should think about the meaning of life and our purpose in this world.

The picture is in the National Gallery in Prague, if you are in those places, be sure to look at the canvas in reality, you will get a lot of impressions.

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