Description of the painting by Natalia Goncharova “Spaniard”

Description of the painting by Natalia Goncharova Spaniard

The painting “The Spaniard” was written by the Russian artist N. S. Goncharova in 1916 and is valued at 6.43 million pounds. With the help of oil paints and simple canvas, the author created a colorful canvas, saturated with passion, cruelty, the smell of blood and a bullfight, typical of the “Spanish” theme.

The composition of the picture is composed of a set of triangular blocks, painted in bright and dark colors – different shades of black and red colors. Together they form a dynamic abstraction of traditional Spanish dance and the seething energy of the people of Spain. Corner objects miraculously fold into a female figure, in which not only passion, but also softness is transmitted.

The girl depicted on the canvas is dressed in long rich clothes that hide the body under a multitude of layers of fabric, but at the same time emphasize femininity. Blood-red flowers, wide sleeves, luxurious black veil of woven mesh – in the attire subtly combines many trends of traditional costumes of Spanish beauties.

The girl herself, as befits a purebred Spaniard, dark and elegant. Black hair is curled in disobedient curls under a long veil, eyes are closed, and the face shows a full return to the upcoming dance. The left hand holds the white fan at the ready, the right hand lifts up the folds of the fabric in its original position.

In her picture, N. S. Goncharova in all her glory showed her talent as a theater artist. The combination of theatrical scenery and the simplification of the curves of the image, inherent in the abstract pattern, became the basis of theatrical constructivism style.

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