Description of the painting by Mikhail Vrubel “Spain”

Description of the painting by Mikhail Vrubel Spain

Vrubel’s manner of painting pictures is already familiar to the whole world, and no one will confuse his authorship. He worked brightly, much capaciously. It happened that reworked the finished work was done on the spot, which was extremely surprising to his relatives and his friends. And not always alteration was better than the first option. It was one of the features of his madness – to make everything perfectly beautiful.

This canvas has not undergone a total alteration. And therefore probably turned out to be one of the most interesting canvases of the artist. True, she did not manage to outdo the popularity of “The Demon”. But on the other hand, the author managed to tell about Spain in her, using only a double portrait with a landscape. And on the canvas is really two – a man and a woman.

But how much true Spanish passion is on their faces. Especially on the face of the Spaniard. These crazy, jealous, flashy eyes burn their passion. But the Spaniard is calm, but for the time being. The same passion is still lurking somewhere in the depths of my soul, but if you touch it, it will come out of cover and we will see what a passionate Spaniard is in anger.

Flamenco say the dance of the soul of Spain.

Perhaps this is so, because no one can dance flamenco as well and perfectly as the Spaniards themselves. This is really a passion, rhythm, pace, refined movements and full dedication to the dance. Spain is the artist and was able to pass it. Between these two is passion, they dance their own flamenco party inside. But they can never lose to each other. They feel independence from each other, but at the same time it is this passion that brings them together.

This canvas helped paint his insanity Vrubel. It, too, at one time was expressed through passion and delusions of grandeur, through violence and melancholy. While painting this canvas, the artist somehow struggled with the illness, but the forces were not equal and he lost. And the canvas itself only benefited from this.

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