Description of the painting by Karl Crivelli “Madonna and Child”

Description of the painting by Karl Crivelli Madonna and Child

The plots of the icons are displayed in some paintings by artists who have no direct relationship to the clergy. One of such works can be considered “Madonna and Child” by the brilliant Venetian master Carlo Crivelli.

The painting was created in the final years of the life of the talented painter of Italy. In bright colors, detailed fragments, in the dynamism of this canvas lies the concentrated power of his talent. The echoes of the Renaissance epoch are read in the picture in a harmonious combination with the characteristic features of the Gothic style. The figures written by Mary and Christ are refined, their movements are light and elegant.

The replacement of the traditionally iconographic monotonous background with the detailed background, represented by the landscape, is striking. Here, on the spacious fields covered with bushes and tall trees, everyday life of people is in full swing; in the sky swollen by clouds, the outlines of soaring birds differ.

The background is separated by a rectangular fabric cloth from a completely different picture: the Mother of God turned her gaze upon the son, Jesus throws a return glance at the mother. Madonna gently holds the foot of the little child. In their gazes met – tender affection.

The Italian artist did not stint on precious paint: how much gold, pearl pearls and other expensive stones we notice in the image! Lovely robes and ripe big fruits add finishing touches to create an impression of happiness and well-being.

The canvas of 1495 demonstrates how skillfully the artist mastered the construction of a realistic perspective. “Madonna and Child” is striking relief and rich decoration. She is not only spiritual, but also soulful thanks to the emotions and experiences conveyed in the mimicry of characters close to a person; a masterpiece very “alive” and “humanized.”

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Description of the painting by Karl Crivelli “Madonna and Child”