Description of the painting by Pierre Renoir “Ball in Moulin de la Galette”

This is one of the most popular places in Paris in the late 19th century. Young and careless people flocked here and were given fun: dances, drinks, acquaintances. Balls were arranged not so often,

Description of the painting by Claude Monet “Sunflowers”

The famous French painter Claude Monet, one of the main creators of impressionism, created in 1881 a unique work of art “Sunflowers”. He studied and gained experience from the great masters, who gave him

Description of the painting by Ivan Nikitin “Portrait of a floor hetman”

In the State Museum of St. Petersburg there is one very mysterious and magnificently executed painting. Its author is Russian portrait painter Ivan Nikitin. The oval inscribed in the rectangle represents to our gaze

Description of the painting by Pimen Orlov “October holiday in Rome”

Coming from a peasant family, from childhood he had a strong craving for art, but his parents did not share his interests, and being still quite young, Orlov left home and went on to

Description of the painting by Paul Cezanne “Still Life with Oranges”

This famous work of Cezanne won the heart of more than one viewer. The symphonic depth of the still life in combination with subtle mastery detailing the most everyday items (tablecloths for the table,

Description of the painting by Vasily Sadovnikov “Panorama of Nevsky Prospect”

V. S. Sadovnikov is a brilliant master of watercolor painting and graphics. His work occupies an important place among the works devoted to the depiction of landscapes of St. Petersburg. The artistic heritage of

Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “Autumn Landscape”

Pictures Shishkin really impressive. The nature of our country lives on it with its unique life. She is gorgeous and vibrant. It is difficult to imagine more intimate and attractive pictures. The artist created

Description of the painting by Konstantin Makovsky “Family Portrait”

Konstantin Egorovich Makovsky bright representative of one of the most prominent families of the XIX century. His father was the founder of the Moscow School, and his elder brother was a famous ascetic. Love

Description of the painting by Alexander Samokhvalov “Girl in a T-shirt”

Samokhvalov, a famous artist of the Soviet period, created many outstanding works. One of the most famous paintings in his collection was the Girl in a T-shirt. The canvas of 1932 received rave reviews

Description of the painting by Isaac Ilyich Levitan “June Day”

1890 The landscape, depicting a wonderful warm summer day, is painted in oil on canvas. Since the author was very fond of painting the French Impressionists, it could not, will not be reflected in
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