Description of the painting by Vincent Van Gogh “Crows in a wheat field”

Description of the painting by Vincent Van Gogh Crows in a wheat field

Van Gogh, a little more than two weeks before he lost his life with a revolver, wrote the picture “Crows in a Wheat Field”. The canvas was made in July 1890. This painting was the last painted picture of the artist, although many researchers do not agree with this. Vincent so tragically left his life through unsolved problems with family and finances. It was in this picture that the artist expressed his confusion and anxiety. Even the support of his brother could not help Van Gogh save lives. For all the years of study and work, he, unfortunately, was unable to sell his work in any way.

In the picture “Crows in the wheat field” the author focuses the viewer’s attention on three paths that diverge in different directions. The excited dark sky merges into one with the ground and creates chaos that is not understandable to the viewer. The author transferred his feeling of no peace and unlimited loneliness to this composition. On the landscape, it seems that there is no prospective center. The sharp contrast of the bright yellow field and the dark sky, with ominous black crows, testifies to the artist’s sense of melancholy and indecision.

Of particular importance is to give a line to the horizon, which clearly divides the whole space into parts, because it is not just a part of the composition, because it skillfully shows the artist’s emotions. It is very difficult for the viewer to understand where the end of the horizon is and where the paths lead. There is no standard rhythm of the author, no different twists, only very hard and hard strokes of the artist. When you try to look at the canvas, you can feel and understand the author, his loneliness and sadness.

Vincent said: “Creating such pictures, I try to express my sadness and incredible loneliness.” After the tragic end of the artist’s path, Van Gogh left a lot of heritage that is represented in many genres and reflects different aspects of the human soul, harmony with nature and his life.

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