Description of the painting by Vincent Van Gogh “Poppy Fields”

Description of the painting by Vincent Van Gogh Poppy Fields

1988; canvas, oil; 21×25; Israeli Museum.

The beauty of landscape painting by Vincent Van Gogh is beyond question. To convey the amazing richness of nature, the painter used bright colors, transferring to the canvas his amazing vision of the surrounding universe, which never ceases to amaze and fascinate viewers for many generations.

The painting “Poppy Fields” is characterized by a bright palette of colors and a very bold compositional solution. In the foreground of lush, shiny greenery, high clumps of wheat are thrown, rising to the summer skies. Dark clouds flew into the sun, and it seems that a beautiful day is ready to darken with rain, which the grateful land will immediately absorb.

The background is also full of greenery – the shady forest almost merges with tall grass in the distance. However, everywhere, dividing these bands of green and blue, blood-scarlet poppies appear. Flowers, like grains of ripe pomegranate, waking from a broken fruit, attract the eye. Their fresh charm makes the viewer feel the scent of blooming poppies, the rustle of wind, waving wheat, the smell of earth and sky before the rain as a reality.

The painting in all its glory demonstrates the skill of mastering the brush of a mature Van Gogh. Smears sure, wide, clear – as if the landscape is born right under the artist’s hand, to forever be stuck in the magnificence of the moment.

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Description of the painting by Vincent Van Gogh “Poppy Fields”