Description of the painting by Vasily Meshkov “Golden Autumn in Karelia”

Description of the painting by Vasily Meshkov Golden Autumn in Karelia

Many of us know that Karelia is famous for its virgin nature, practically untouched civilization. It seems that this place is timeless. Time flies, but here practically nothing changes.

Bags depicts autumn. We see her golden season. The painter chose a day when there was no rain, but the sun decided not to please us with the last warm rays. This is the brightest time. In the air, there is a special transparency. He is so clean that I want to breathe it in full. All trees are amazed by the riot of red and gold colors. This magnificence replaces the sun, brightening up the forest with fabulous tones. But the artist gives all the colors a somewhat formidable look. There is water behind the trees. Her lead color brings cold.

In some places you can still notice small flashes of green. Thawed patches are a little pleasing to the grass greens. But for how long is it. Soon here, everything will turn yellow and dull. If we look at the sky covered with clouds, then the joy will instantly evaporate. The sky practically clings to the treetops, the lead clouds are so heavy. Gray color brings only sad thoughts. Karelia is covered with a huge heavy veil woven from gloomy clouds. The picture looks a little sad and creates a sad mood.

Bags for the creation of this grandiose picture of the strength chose dark colors and gray. Due to this, the viewer has the impression that this time in Karelia is incredibly gloomy. But the canvas is sternly attractive, and in this is the power of its great impact on all who look at it.

The picture conquers the wild nature, which is not subject to any laws. She is gorgeous because of her wild temper. It seems that the landscape depicted by Meshkov seeks to break out of the framework of the canvas, since it is simply cramped here.

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