Description of the painting by Sergei Vinogradov “Draws”

Description of the painting by Sergei Vinogradov Draws

Sergey Arsenyevich Vinogradov is a talented impressionist artist. He did not just paint, but expressed his emotions and feelings in them. His works are filled with light and air. He painted pictures about the beauty of nature and the life of ordinary people. The artist created his creations both with the help of paints and with pencils. One of the paintings created with colored pencils is the work entitled “Draws”, created in 1910.

On the canvas you can see a girl. She stands with her back to the viewer and enthusiastically draws. The girl has a spacious white and blue shirt and red slippers. The girl’s robe resembles a weightless cloud. It feels as if she just got out of bed and immediately began drawing. The model is focused on its work. She tilted her head, opening the view of the audience thin elegant neck. The girl’s hair is beautifully braided and decorated with two red flowers.

The left side of the picture shows a lush bed. The table on which the main heroine of the canvas draws is equipped with a large number of drawers. On the table are laid out pencils and there is a vase with flowers. The contents of the vase stand out bright spot on the background of the rest of the picture. It is a lush bouquet of white, purple, yellow and blue flowers, fringed with bright green leaves. Juicy greens are reflected in the mirror mounted above the table.

The whole picture is permeated with child spontaneity. The young creature is embraced by the muse, carefully depicts something on paper. She is so passionate about the process that she does not notice anything around her.

When writing paintings Vinogradov used mostly light pastel colors, so that the picture looks light and airy. It causes only positive emotions. One can see with what warmth and tenderness the author portrayed a girl on the canvas.

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