Description of the painting by Pablo Picasso “Portrait of Ambroise Vollard”

Description of the painting by Pablo Picasso Portrait of Ambroise Vollard

Picasso creates this painting in 1810.

This creation is written in the style of cubism (analytical type). Such cubism still bears the characteristic name of volumetric. The whole image consists of separate parts. Each fragment is separated from each other and fancifully dispersed throughout the space of the entire canvas. It seems that this is a broken mirror composed of fragments of different sizes. But in this newly broken mirror one can still guess the outlines of the person who looked into him not so long ago.

The artist depicts a very famous man in Paris. He sold all sorts of works of art. In this portrait you can guess the incredibly accurate image of Vollard. In his clothes we feel some scruples: a snow-white scarf looks out of his pocket. It is known that Vollar was really incredibly elegant.

Before the viewer appears a person, furious into separate structures. It consists of planes of geometric type, which imply a mandatory intellectual understanding of this unusual work. The colors are quite monochrome. One can only feel the rather dark tones prevailing on the general background. There are practically no contrasts here. The construction dominates here, the whole construction is deliberately complicated. The face of the hero is incredibly dramatic. Here cubism is endowed with stylistic features of abstractionism.

Can not fail to hit such an unusual angle of view, which opens the viewer even the back of the character’s head, but at the same time we do not cease to see his face. Very soon, this very work will become a kind of standard for artists of cubism. It is generally accepted that Picasso portrayed Vollard in the style of cubism more successfully than other artists depicted in the usual style of realism.

Vollar helped with money to many already quite famous artists. Beginning painters also received his support, not only financial, but also moral.

Picasso collaborated with Vollard for a long time. But he could not understand the artist’s cubism

This portrait is considered to be the best picture, which was created by Picasso in the period of his work, associated with cubism.

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