Description of the painting by Pablo Picasso “Bather”

Description of the painting by Pablo Picasso Bather

Picasso – the founder of Cubism, who, as they say, began with the fact that one of the teachers told Picasso: “It must be remembered that any object is a collection of geometric shapes. Try to break up the object into shapes and reassemble to understand how light and shadow fall on it. “

The teacher, of course, had in mind that you need to constantly remember that any complex figure is just a collection of simple figures that anyone, even a beginner, artist, can depict. But Picasso took the advice literally and, gradually becoming disillusioned with academicism, classicism and realism, he began to rethink the surrounding reality, simplifying it more and more. Form relegated to the smallest value, he placed emphasis on the content, not guided in his expression by any dogmas and canons.

“Bather” – a picture representing his favorite topic. Seeing a combination of water and the female body of some special, natural beauty, Picasso repeatedly returned to this topic, creating “Bathers watching the plane”, “Three bathers”, “Bather opening the booth” and others.

From time to time the style of work was simplified, it became more and more flat and simple, and as a result, the Bather who opens the booth is a yellow spot of the form so vague that you need to make some efforts to recognize the person in it. After this, Picasso suddenly returns to classicism, bringing his otherworldly, cubic experience into it.

“Bathers” – lies somewhere on the way to this moment and is a set of planes and sharp corners, in which – squinting as you look closely – you can see a girl running towards the water. Its movements are light and impulsive, and only the essence remains in its image – this ease of step, this desire to plunge into the shining water as soon as possible.

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