Description of the painting by Nikolai Ge “Pushkin in the village of Mikhailovsky”

Description of the painting by Nikolai Ge Pushkin in the village of Mikhailovsky

Pushkin in the village of Mikhailovsky. This canvas depicts a frame from a fairly long period of residence of Alexander Pushkin in the village of Mikhailovsky, which was reflected in his work. The picture takes us to a large bright room of the house of Alexander Sergeevich. The composition is built in the direction of the corner of the room. In the corner of the room in the background is a tiled fireplace. Probably, the weather outside is very warm – the fireplace is not flooded, ash and ash are not visible, most likely summer or autumn. The room is not crowded with furniture and interior details, however, it looks beautiful and expensive. Behind the screen you can see a shelf filled with books.

On the left wall hanging icon lonely. From a window that did not enter the composition, the rays of the sun penetrate the room. They illuminate the icon and the space of the room behind Pushkin. In the background, Arina Rodionovna is sitting on a sofa. In the hands of her knitting, but she turned away from needlework in order to carefully listen to the poems of Alexander Sergeyevich. She seemed to stop and hold her breath – this is how she worries about her pupil. In the center of the composition, of course, the poet. He holds up a stack of paper and recites his poems. A man is sitting in a high blue chair beside him. You can not guess who it is this gentleman.

But Alexander Sergeevich is clearly waiting for him to evaluate his work. The opinion of this gentleman is important to him. The man in the chair hears the verses of Pushkin. From the satisfied expression of his face one can understand that he is enjoying the work of Pushkin. There is a barely noticeable smile on the face of the nanny – she also took over the mood of their guest at home and is sincerely happy for the successful outcome of the meeting.

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